Best SSTP Free VPN Account

SSTP VPN comes as the latest VPN standard resolves most common connectivity and security problems related to regular PPTP or L2TP VPN tunnelings through the use of HTTP over secure socket layers (SSL), which is also known as Transport Layer Security (TLS). HTTPS on the TCP port 443 has been utilized on the Web in protecting private secure information, now becomes the world standard that almost 100% ISP or corporation network firewalls has this port opened. SSTP VPN solves a lot of traditional VPN connectivity issues bothered by firewalls, Web PXYs, and NATs.

To get your quick started, here are ready to connect VPN account utilizing latest SSTP VPN technology backed up by Microsoft Windows Servers:

Canada SSTP VPN Account Host Name:
   USA SSTP VPN Account Host Name:
       SSTP VPN Account Username : vpn
       SSTP VPN Account Password : free

Additional features of SSTP VPN Account

SSTP VPN account immediately becomes extremely popular for its simplicity, efficient and powerful to bypass firewalls and open high performance tunneling to the public internet world. As a new VPN tunnel method goes over HTTPS, our free VPN account significantly increase the coverge area where the VPN can be connected from by end users. Many mobile carriers or enterprise blocked General Routing Encapsulation type of network packet but this never affects the SSTP based VPN connections.

Regarding the connection-over-tcp encapsulation used by SSTP VPN, Microsoft's well designed packet format guarantee that SSP has much better performance and much less payload utilizing ratio. Plus SSTP establishes only single TCP 443 port session from client to server side, comparing minimum two sessions in PPTP or L2TP VPN, it saves tons of resources and avoid huge TCP ACK piggy late issue too. Obviously SSTP VPN is now days the best VPN technology that becomes the first choice for more users from all over the world twhen they think about getting a VPN account for all their VPN requirements.

Configure SSTP VPN in Windows 7 and Windows 8

Check the instruction screenshots in our Configure SSTP page.

Remember to use the SSTP Server host name, username and password with values listed above.

After connection established, please check to verify your new VPN IP address before any browsing activities.